How to prevent mold on shoes in closet: Save your kicks!

Mold is one of the most common and nasty home issues. This fuzzy, slimy substance grows quickly and easily spoils your fresh shoes and the closet inside. So, how to prevent mold on shoes in closet?

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    how to prevent mold on shoes in closet



    How to prevent mold on shoes in closet?

    There are lots of ways to stop mold from growing in your home! Just be aware of all these issues.

    Check the whole inside of your closet along with the shoes. Make sure there are no plumbing leaks nearby the closet. If there are no outside reasons for the mold in your closet, the problem hides in your damp kicks.

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    If the mold problem is bothering you, you need smart mold remediation. Use such methods of removing mold with contains alcohol or vinegar solutions. Provide both shoes and clothes with adequate sunlight.

    To stop mold growing in your closet, use such preventive remedies as silica gel packs or tea bags. Stuff your kicks with acid-free tissues when storing them in the closet. Avoid plastic coverings and provide enough fresh air inside the closet. And, of course, always keep your shoes clean and dry!



    What is mold?

    Mold is a type of colonial fungi. Growing in multicellular structures called hyphae, these colonies produce mold spores. As the mold spores are microscopic, you can’t notice them.

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    These spores can exist both indoors and outdoors, as they just need some moisture to build up. Your favorite places at home such as refrigerators or shower rooms are perfect for them!

    Some mold species can be used in medicine. We all know such a common thing that is called penicillin. However, some other species are toxic and can cause lots of serious illnesses. The toxins released by them can lead to many lung issues and allergic reactions. If untreated, they turn into more serious diseases.

    When mold grows on your shoes, there is a great field for more bacteria and fungi. As a result, they can infect your feet through moldy shoes. Besides, there is a high risk to spread mold spores all over your home. So, you must control and stop mold from growing in your shoes.

    Closet mold can be of two types, white mold, and black mold. No matter which one you have in the closet, both of them are dangerous. Remember that mold can harm a lot of your shoes, your feet, and the wood of your closet as well.


    What are the signs of mold?

    You can easily figure out the mold growing in your damp closet. Here are the most evident signs of its presence:

    • Progressive headaches and respiratory symptoms
    • Visible mold spots on the closet walls
    • Musty odor
    • Cracking surfaces

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    Why do shoes go moldy in the wardrobe?

    As you already know, mold growth increases in humid areas. However, there are definite reasons that are causing mold growth in your home.

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    1. Plumbing leak

    Check if you have any leaky pipes behind the walls. Leaky plumbing problems are an extra source of excess moisture in your home. The damp areas are the perfect breeding ground for mold spores. That is why you often have moldy spots if your closet is next to the kitchen or bathroom.

    how to prevent mold on shoes in closet



    2. Attic mold

    If your roof leaks, your attic becomes extra damp, and this encourages mold to grow. As the mold thrives overhead, it starts migrating through the ceilings and the walls. Finally, it gets into the closet where you store shoes. So, here the issue goes.

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    3. Humid environment

    This variant mostly happens in the summer or the regions with high humidity levels all over the year.

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    As the closet doors mostly stay closed, they can trap humidity from the air inside. It is just enough to open the closet doors for some time to let the humidity in. All you need is to keep your closet dry as much as you can.


    4. Wet shoes

    Yes, the shoes themselves can be a source of a damp environment in the closet. There are several reasons for this issue.

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    Firstly, the shoes absorb moisture from perspiration. As your feet get sweaty, it is important to dry the shoes out before placing them into the closet. When you put the damp kicks inside and close the door, you trap moisture and encourage mold development.

    Secondly, many of us prefer not to dry (and even not clean!) the shoes before placing them into the closet. As a result, you make the closet dangerous for any other shoes you keep inside. The extra moisture from the shoes evaporates into the closet, slides down to the closet floor, and spreads everywhere, making a great field for mold growth.

    Frankly, it is the major reason for the mold problem in the closet. You can’t neglect cleaning and drying your shoes if you want to prevent mold on shoes and inside the closet.



    What kills mold in closets?

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    Don’t hurry to throw out the fresh kicks if they have already caught a mold issue. There are lots of mold remediation methods that can help you to save the shoes.



    1. Energy-efficient light bulbs

    A low-wattage light bulb is not just a great point to economy electricity, but also one of the best ways to kill mold. They produce electromagnetic radiation that can kill mold easily. Moreover, they disinfect your closet from any other microorganisms and prevent mold growth.



    2. Natural light

    Natural light can work as a long-term remedy for mold on shoes. The Ultraviolet rays from the sunlight disinfect anything inside your closet. It is enough to keep the closet or shoes in the sunlight for 1 or 2 hours. But avoid more enduring sunbaths, or else you can ruin your shoes.



    3. Spray vinegar

    White vinegar is the fearsome enemy of mold. So, a smart way to remove mold from shoes is to wash them with vinegar. Spray some vinegar on the moldy surface and brush the mold away. Then, you can wash your shoes with detergent in hot water and dry them in the sun.



    4. Alcohol remedies

    It can sound something weird, but alcohol remedies are great mold removal methods, especially for suede shoes. All you need is a dry cloth, a spray bottle, 2 suede shoe brushes, some water, and alcohol.

    Mix water and alcohol 1:1 and fill the spray bottle with this solution. Before you spray it on the suede shoes, try to remove mold with a help of a suede shoe brush. When you brush the maximum mold away, then apply alcohol solution to the moldy shoes.

    Continue rubbing alcohol on the moldy shoes with a clean cloth until you clean all the mold away. After you are done, dry out your suede shoes and brush them out with a clean brush.



    5. Use some chemicals

    A good way to remove mold from shoes and clothes from mold is to use some chemicals. These are well-known stuff we all have at home, such as baking sodaborax, and hydrogen peroxide. They are good at killing mold spores easily.



    Smart tips on preventing mold on shoes in closet

    You can agree it’s better to prevent mold on shoes than fight it. So, here are some tips on how to keep your kicks safe and sound.



    1. Clean and dry your shoes completely

    The most essential point is to keep your shoes clean and completely dry. So, forget about placing dirty shoes in the closet! Always wash and clean your shoes when you go back home. And never forget to let your clean shoes dry completely before you put them into the closet.



    2. Avoid plastic bags

    Forget about any plastic covering for your shoes! It is one of the worst humid traps that you can imagine. Go for canvas, mesh, or cotton bags to keep your shoes inside. The fabric fibers provide good air circulation that prevents moisture and mold buildup around your shoes.

    Just keep in mind that both clothing bags and your shoes must be completely dry, or else the cloth fibers will absorb moisture from the surroundings and become an extra risk for mold on shoes.


    3. Use remedy packs

    There are two types of remedy packs for your shoes: these are silica gel packs and common dry tea bags. You can scatter them in your closet to prevent mold on shoes.

    Silica gel packets work great in two ways. Firstly, they absorb excessive moisture inside your closet and keep the air dry. Secondly, they deodorize any musty smells and any other foul odors in your closet. Buy the silica gel packs in bulk and place them in and around the shoes inside your closet.

    Tea bags work similarly to silica gel packets. They absorb the extra moisture, deodorize the air and keep the closets dry. Just keep a couple of dry tea bags inside your shoes, and scatter some more around them. Don’t forget to check the tea bags regularly and change them when they get damp.



    4. Upgrade for louvered doors

    If the air in your house is not extra humid, replace your closet door with louvered closet doors. They provide enough fresh air circulation inside the closet and discourage mold growth.



    5. Opt for wire shelving

    Wooden shelves are strong and durable. However, they are made of heavy and dense material, that doesn’t provide any ventilation. So, if there is some moisture on the shoes or in the closet, it has no way to evaporate.

    A good idea is to replace them with wire shelves. They are lightweight and provide a more well-ventilated area around the shoes. And yes, they look stylish enough to adjust any design.


    6. Get a dehumidifier

    For those who live in areas with extra humid air, there is always a high level of risk to get mold spores in the closet. So, the smartest solution is to buy a small dehumidifier and place it inside the closet. If you have no excess moisture in the closet, it is the best mold-free storage for your shoes.



    7. Clean up your closet

    To prevent mold spores from developing inside your closet, remember to clean it every month. Yes, it is quite a long task, but it is worth doing. As the mold feeds from the damp areas, never forget to dry the inside of your closet completely!



    Final words

    As you can see, you have multiple ways to prevent mold on shoes in your closet. All you need is to keep them clean and dry. Don’t ignore the musty smell in your closet, and keep your kicks in tip-top shape!

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